T-Shirt Quilts

A T-shirt quilt is a wonderful keepsake for high school and college students and anyone who has a collection of well loved t-shirts that contain memories they wish to keep. A snuggly t-shirt quilt gets the shirts out of the drawer and on display as a great conversation piece and a loving memory to keep you warm. The fee of $15.00 per shirt includes design, sewing together material (piecing), edge to edge quilting of entire quilt, and binding the quilt.

Additional charges MAY apply:

  • The shirts need to be clean and wrinkle free.
  •  When dealing with jerseys or custom clothing.
  • Additional fabric for quilt (borders, binding fabric, backing fabric)-you may supply this fabric.
  • I will work with Minkee as backing. It does take extra time and care. It does restrict quilt designs. 

A word about:

Batting: I use Quilter's Dream batting for the best results (100% cotton or 70% cotton/30% poly blend. Prices are subject to the size of the quilt.  The most common sizes based on the 70/30 blend are below:  

  • crib/baby (36x60) - $6.00
  • throw (54x72) - $7.00
  • twin (69x90) - $11.00
  • queen (90x95) - $15.00
  • king (106x98) - $22.00

Backing: The backing needs to be 8 inches wider and 8 inches than the quilt top. There will be an additional charge for seaming the back and ironing or other work needed before quilting.

What You can expect to pay - Typical T-Shirt Quilt:

Twin size 80 x 60    24 shirts

          shirts by cost    24 x 15  =  $360.00

           batting                                     $11.00

           backing/binding                      $25.00  (You may supply this)

           TOTAL with tax :                   $423.72