Long Arm Services

Prices are based on the size of your quilt and the complexity of your pattern.  I charge by the square inch. 

To determine the square inch of you quilt top, measure the width and length and multiply them together.  This will give you the total square inches of your quilt.  Then multiply the total square inches by the type of quilting that you prefer.

  1. Edge to Edge* - .015 cents per square inch
  2. Semi-custom** - .02 to .04 cents per square inch
  3. Custom Detailed/Heavy - custom quilting prices vary and are determined on a quilt-by-quilt basis.  Please contact for pricing.

(There is a minimum of charge of $50.00.)

Example of pricing: Quilt measures 60x72=4320 square inches, 4320x.015(prices per square inch from the list above)=$64.80

*Edge to Edge - quilting over the entire quilt. Simple designs such as loops or mender over the entire quilt with one thread color.

**Semi-custom -  combinations of simple overall design with some custom elements - one thread color.

Quilt top preparation:  To assure a quality finished product and minimize your cost, please follow these guidelines:

  • The top must be clean and pressed flat, points and threads removed.  Please remove all pins and basting threads.
  • Make sure the top is pressed and lays flat to prevent puckering.
  • Square up and trip the top to final size.  Measure and verify that the amount is the same in 3 places, in both directions.
  • Measure and press backing fabric - it should measure 6 to 8 inches larger than the top. 

Batting: I use Quilter's Dream batting for the best results (100% cotton or 70% cotton/30% poly blend. Prices are subject to the size of the quilt.  The most common sizes based on the 70/30 blend are below:  

  • crib/baby (36x60) - $6.00
  • throw (54x72) - $7.00
  • twin (69x90) - $11.00
  • queen (90x95) - $15.00
  • king (106x98) - $22.00

Backing: The backing needs to be 8 inches wider and 8 inches than the quilt top. There will be an additional charge for seaming the back and ironing or other work needed before quilting.

Quilt Trimming: The quilt will not be trimmed unless you ask.  If you would like it trimmed - at the edge or 1/4 inch beyond the edge, for batting fullness in the binding, a fee of $10-$20 will be added.