Custom Designed Quilts

A custom designed quilt is a one-of-a-kind heirloom that will be enjoyed and passed down for generations. I want to make a memory item that you will not only find visually enjoyable, but know that you can snuggle and USE. Together we will discuss what you want your quilt to look like, what it will be used for and what you have decided your budget will be. From this point I will guide you through the process of choosing a quilt design, color scheme, and choosing fabrics. Some of you may be a pro at choosing fabrics, and that is super! Feel free to bring me the fabric and tell me what you want. Designing a quilt is a process and I work hard to have you as involved in the process as much as you wish to be.

Typical Custom designed quilt - Crib sized: 

                                                                                              Budget $150.00

Design fee                                $50.00

Fabric                                       $37.15

Batting                                     $  6.00

Backing/binding                      $ 9.25

Quilting                                    $ 40x60=2400x.015= $36.00

Total/Tax                                 $  148.08