Why I Quilt

Goodness knows I often don’t have the time or the energy! Sometimes it is a struggle just to find those elusive fifteen minutes to myself, let alone lock myself in my craft room to be creative. But this is more than a hobby; this is a passion.

I have had a love of all things crafty my entire life. I love to create. As far back as I can remember I would watch my Grandmother spend any free moments she had – which were few and far between with all of the grandkids under foot – sewing, quilting, and crocheting. You name it, Granny made it with love. Her hands were always busy. Granny showed her love for us through crafting and now I do too.

I have been piecing quilts for about twenty years. I lean toward a more artistic-modern style, but still have a place in my heart for the traditional, vintage look. I craft where my heart leads. And it always leads toward color! In the last few years I have found myself checking out the quilting of quilts along with the designs, this has led me to begin to design for others and myself. And since I have developed an obsession with the backs of quilts, I have had more fun than I ever imagined exploring the art of free motion quilting.

The other lights of my life are my three wonderful children and my loving husband - they are my inspirations, ports in storms, and delights of laughter. I love that I can come home exhausted from teaching a room full of special needs pre-K students and my family rallies together. Without them I would never find the time or the energy to reimagine a stack of scraps into something lovely.

Quilting is more than just a hobby or a passing fancy. Quilting is a way to pass on love to another, to share a hug, a wish, a piece of your heart, or a piece of art. That is why I quilt.

Melissa Holman
Melissa Holman  Designer